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" What is a week-end?"


Mouahahahah this is good for my ego XD.
I should make a proper entry soon but life has been quite busy and all my time on the internet goes to the communities somehow. So sorry. I'll make it up to you guys \o/!

Edit for some reason I can't past the link for the quizz. Just google it if you want to do it :).
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" Of all the noises known to man, opera is the most expensive. " Molière

I've been thinking for a while now to do a little post about Operas. I believed I talked about it to very very few people in my flist but I do love opera. I don't remember who said it exactly but Operas and Litterature have this in common that it's full of people who just die for love and Tragedy. I guess that's why I love it (not to mention the three quarters of Opera's libretto are actually taken from Litterature anyway so it's like... a live motion play with music that you have ^^). I'm not extremely knowledgeable in the matter but I know the popular ones ^^. So to share it, I'll make it in for of a top 10.
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Et voilà. This post is going to be a total misery lol but I really wanted to do it :).
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To tweet, Tweet, Tweeten?

I have twitter! Youhouu! I know, it's weird but since my phone has internet now I though "why not?". So here's the all thing:!/LydziS . I have yet to get how exactly the all things work but I will in time.

Follow me, follow you etc. You know the drill XD.

On another note I need to talk with you guys about Fontana's Borgia. I read the book (yes there's a book) and wow... If anyone was fearing about it getting too close of Showtime's tv show, forget it. It's nothing alike and by nothing, I mean zero chance of getting things mixed here.
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Now that I have your attention ^^... You all need to join here: , and start to fill up in here: . GO GO GO GO! I want some stuff and it will only happen if there's people in it! No matter if you can only write small things (me too), that you can't draw (that's why paint and macro are here), you are needed and welcomed.

Plus FREE SHAGGYODOG COOKIE. Think about it :p!
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The post with the pictures.

I previously wanted to make one post with just everything, but of course it's going to be quite impossible and take too much time anyway Photobucket. So this post will only contain some very specific things which are my new computer and my holydays.
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Next posts needs to be soon because I do want to share the Jdrama wave I'm in. Can you believe that I'm actually watching 4 of them?
Until then, matane! Photobucket
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And then, it was Winter. Last 150 pages.

Diverse reactions between p801 (Griffin chapter) until the end( Epilogue).

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Oh wow. All in all loved the book. I still need to digest all of those informations. I missed a LOT Sansa and somehow Littlefinger though. They were constantly talked about but even like that, their absence was felt greatly. Anyway better end this liveblogging with this gif, because it's appropriate:

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Can you smell the air getting more cold? I do... Second half of the book.

Diverse reactions between p461 ( Jon chapter) until p 617( Theon chapter).

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Diverse reactions between p 617 ( Tyrion chapter) until p 716 ( Jon chapter).

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Diverse reactions between p 717( Cersei chapter) until p 800 (Frog chapter).

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Slowly getting to the end. Wow.
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Warg, bears, dwarves and crows? This is a Midnight Circus no doubt... First half of the book.

Warning: I have the american edition.

Diverse reactions between Beginning and p231 ( Tyrion chapter).

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Diverse reactions between p232 ( Davos chapter) until p394 ( Davos chapter).

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Diverse reactions between p 395 ( Daenarys chapter) until p 460 ( Bran chapter).

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