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About that Linda thing going around.

Wtf now? Petition against someone online? Sorry but it does bring very bad memories here. This is the bad side of kpop coming to the Games of Thrones fandom. I've seen already how it goes when you "petition" against another human being. Jaebum anyone? Block B?

I don't do this shit. I'm not here for personal vendettas ok? People have moronic opinions? I just let them have them and call on them about it but that's it. I don't "petition" for them to shut up. Everyone knows already that the girl is racist, homophobic etc. It's a fact so what's the point exactly?

People doing this need to sit back and start fucking reflect on what they are doing at this point.
Tags: always blame pikitis!, games of thrones, marre de vivre entourés de bigornos, sometimes you don't need a tag
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