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1. Comment on this post with I VOLUNTEER!
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ/DW.

minviendha provided me with "R".

- Rickon Stark. Like you were expecting anything else guys ^^. So obvious. It's not really easy to speak about the love you have for such an obscur character in a huge saga like a Song of Ice and Fire but I suppose it's the all potential that makes me even more passionate. I have no idea how this character will grow. He may become a real warrior, or a psychopath, someone who has memories or perhaps none. Right now, Rickon can still be everything and yet we know he will be, no matter what, a ball of fear and broken love. It's beautiful (and now I sound weird ^^). I like how GRRM handled his case. Small touches here and there, like a painting coming very slowly to life. I can't wait for the next book mostly because it will involve Rickon. And I believe in Rickon ^^.

- Raskolnikov from Dostoïevsky's Crimes et Châtiments. I think it's fairly known that I love russian litterature. They have intense characters who are so larger than life that they can eat you on the spot. Raskolnikov is like that. He is pain, suffering, will of being more than his man condition. I probably learned more about forgiveness and its cost in Dostoïevsky's novels than in religion to be honest.

- Ron Weasley. My favourite character in Harry Potter along Lupin and Luna. I loved him right away, a bit like Harry I have to say. He's a good friend and a good person despite all his defaults. I know the fandom went all anti-Ron after I left it but whatever. Fandom sometimes likes to believe then only can like or care for "perfect" characters. Which is weird.

- Rémi. Best rat ever. Best cook too. I'm not huge on Pixar's work but I have to say that Ratatouille was a jewel and when I went to Eurodisney, we had lunch at Ratatouille's restaurant and we saw the (mechanical) rat, it was too cute for words ^^.
One of my neighbours's name is Rémi héhé. We already asked him if he knew how to cook but I don't think he ever saw that pixar so he probably didn't get it.

- Rose Dewitt Bukater. Because Titanic. Because Kate Winslet and Leo Di Carpaccio (:p). Because she's a kickass woman who went to live her dream and because she's one of the heroin who has the most gorgeous wardrobe ever. Because I'm pumped to watch this again on a big screen. Because if you jump I jump!

Et voilà :)!! Oh also Happy birthday ffolks! fallingtowers, brigantjia, lancelotfan! Have some delicious cake :).

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