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Oh look! A fangirling post! And some meme involving Batman ohhhhh yeah!

State of mind those last few hours:

It's been hours since I saw that video from Games of Thrones season 2 and I'm still high on it. So far so perfect! Of course I have little complains and I will name them but overall STANNIS DAVOS STANNIS STANNIS RENLY WHY BARATHEONS ARE THIS HOT? TYRELL AWESOME!!!!
I spent the ENTIRE VIDEO flapping my hands and making ecstatic dolphin noises. It was quite worrying tbh. But there it is!

Quick thoughs except I put this under a link for people who want to stay virgin-season2 (you never know...).

  • It's official, I'm in love with Stannis. Real King Lobster should just adopt my bb Rickon and rule Westeros with Davos and Shaggydog. SHOULD BE CANON GRRM *sending waves*.

  • Tyrell's are beautiful. Even with Dormer looking a lot older than what should Margaery be in the books, I find that the little glimpse we saw works really well. It was tiny seconds but it reassured me just fine.

  • Melisandre looks so much like I pictured her in that semi-second it's effin scary now :/.

  • I've seen people complaining about the lack of Jeyne W. and Ygritte. Ok this is where I'm going to rant a bit because it pisses me off actually more than it should and I feel as pressed as a panini about this trivial matter. I am not having a proper Aeron (because that man talking with Theon was certainly not Aeron) while the man is in the books. I am not having the bloody Reeds. So honestly I don't see why I should be flooded with random Jeyne W. who is only mentionned a bit in the books and Ygritte whom I love but only appears in the last chapters of ACOK. I understand people cheering for their underdogs and all but let's keep it real. Am I complaining about not enough Rickon? Nope! While honestly I should.

    I don't want this to be taken the wrong way, I don't mind that much Jeyne W.'s arc being expanded. Means more Richard (possibly shirtless or naked) and I adore Oona (The Hour FTW) but I can't with people complaining about lack of them when clearly I'm not having some other canons characters in order to have this storyline.

  • That being said, I would have loved more Brienne, Jaime and Greyjoy. But it's the first teaser and we can't have everything at the same time :p. Patience is a virtue XD.

  • Three words: Renly. Beard. Crown.

  • Ok now let's count it's way to the awesome:

    THE HAIR (see how I have my priorities well set?)

    This proving once again how right I am when I say that Michelle Fairley is the most gorgeous woman on the set of Games Of Thrones (and that's saying a lot because this show is full of insanely pretty people). Also I love how Loras stands around looking gorgeous, hair at full glory! It's good GoT is playing to its strengths.


    Ugh if that's the scene where Joffrey says to Sansa that his brother is winning and that she should pay for it.... this is going to be so hard to watch. But the guy playing Joffrey is so good at it, I know I'm going to enjoy every second I'll be able to hate the character in a fierce way.
    Also the "I'm your future husband so I'm going to point an arrow at you" vibe of this pic is just fantastic. Smooth like chunky peanut butter.

    Random but I totally love Joffrey's fashion. Yeah yeah shoot me!


    Excuse you but Davos and Stannis are just too cool for everyone at the moment. According to season 2, if you come from Stormlands then your second name is BAMF. CAN'T SAY I DON'T APPROVE!


    Because don't lie: that's the best crown ever. When I first saw that I was "Renly: A MILLION, The world: 0".


    Only rightful king of this realm Y/Y? ♥ ♥ ♥ (I still love you Robb but the lobster is winning some cookies here). This is totally his "Why did the Gods inflicted me with brothers :/" face ^^.

    Ok honorable mentions for Theon Greyjoy looking like a true Greyjoy at last! Getting out of Winterfell has been good to him apparently :p (not going to mention again pseudo-Aeron because obviously not a Greyjoy), Arya being adorable, Samwell having the best expression ever, Melisandre looking like a Vermerr painting for that split of second and Sansa and Tyrion on the same frame.
    Robb looks very emo-ish which is cool. Jon wants to get deeper and deeper (oh the jokes this is going to bring...) and Littlefinger has some trouble to breathe.
    Last little thing:



    Now it's been days since that meme but there it is at last :p:

    1. Reply to this post with "CAUSE I'M THE GODDAMN BATMAN," and I will pick four of your icons.
    2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
    3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
    4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

    Key words: Rickon and the Chamber of Secrets.
    Oh Snap dear Tom Riddle. Made by digipacopr

    It's one of my multiple Rickon Stark icon. Obviously I'm rooting for him so it's normal to show it. And he wears pretty well that crown. King Rickon is half-a-joke, half not-so-much ^^. I really dig the character and the mystery around him. GRRM did a splendid job with the baby Stark. Also I like to mix fandoms that's why when I saw that text digipacopr put, I instantly tough of Tom Riddle in COS. You know that if Harry had Shaggydog, things might have gone in another direction pretty quickly XD.

    Key words: Judging you.
    It's all part of the plot. GRRM. Killing your faves since 1996. Made by onaan.

    Recent icon. I kept changing the icons for that "Judging you" tag tbh. GRRM is a destroyer of lives so I believe it's adequate here. Also, I'm very fond of his suspenders somehow. Suspenders are cool ^^.

    Key words: Sanctuary., So french it hurts.
    House Tyrell. Comme la France d'une certaine manière. Made by wild_plums

    Tyrell is forever french not only because Highgarden is completely coming from the french landscape but also because Margaery's story is totally taken from les Rois Maudits. Also I wanted a Tyrell icon and a Paris icon so I just mixed the two here. Well of course there's nothing Tyrell in the picture... should have been green tbh. But I like it ^^. It's pretty and girly. I might change though.
    Also I love the Eiffel tower. I love my city. It's home after all. Can't help it really ^^.

    Key words: Hate is such a strong word.
    And what doesn't kill you only makes you wish it did. Made by triniroslin15

    I didn't always liked Cat. She made terrible decisions and she's far from being awe-striking but I learned to understand her. What really did the trick I believe in my complete change of heart for her is Michelle Fairley. I find the actress not only so earthly beautiful but with so much restrain and emotions. She plays Catelyn in a way that makes me root for her right away. She had some of the best scenes during season 1 like everything that involved Robb was just heartbreaking. And I dread the day I'll watch the RW with that actress because tears falling down is not even going to cover it. I will be a mess.

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