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About that Linda thing going around.

Wtf now? Petition against someone online? Sorry but it does bring very bad memories here. This is the bad side of kpop coming to the Games of Thrones fandom. I've seen already how it goes when you "petition" against another human being. Jaebum anyone? Block B?

I don't do this shit. I'm not here for personal vendettas ok? People have moronic opinions? I just let them have them and call on them about it but that's it. I don't "petition" for them to shut up. Everyone knows already that the girl is racist, homophobic etc. It's a fact so what's the point exactly?

People doing this need to sit back and start fucking reflect on what they are doing at this point.
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Huh? What's going on in ASOIAF fandom?
More like Tumblr where some people apparently want to make a petition against that Linda girl from Westeros.org. Idek. Just talking about petition against someone online is enough to trigger me in some "wtf" state tbh.
I'm the same. I just ignore the people I want to ignore, going through all that just seems like unnecessary drama.
That and I can't stand "organized hatred/dislike" on internet and in fandoms.
It's really kind of silly. I mean, sure, Linda seems to be a horrible person, but I don't see why people can't just ignore her stupidity.
I don't know either. That's why I was all "what is going on? o__O" this morning when I saw the posts.
Kind of things that just repulse me tbh.

Changing the subject :p, I'm almost finished for the got-exchange, maybe a bit more than half of it (and you will not believe this but I think it's over 2000 words already which is really weird) and I wondered if you were up again to beta me? If not, no problem. I'll ask another victim ^^. I would totally understand.
I generally don't like internet wank in any form. :/

Wow, that's incredible. I haven't even started on mine. ;) I could theoretically beta you, but I'm not sure how soon I'll have the time. I have a paper to write for uni and the semester just started again, so things are a bit busy here. Mhm, maybe you could see if you find someone else and if that fails, you can ask me again? I'm willing to do it, but if someone else has more time at hand that's probably better. ;)
That's what I was thinking. Pretty sure I read you had work for uni so it's all fine ^^.
Okay, glad you understand. :) I'm sure somebody else will be able to help you.
Have only seen it marginally and am not remotely interested. Besides, if you dislike someone on the internet, don't give them addional publicity.
Part of fandoms getting so serious businness, it's just weird.
My thing is, Linda's an idiot. Just sit back and let her act like a fool, and people will notice this and dismiss her. I'm all for creepy pragmatism in life as well as in fandom.
Words taken right from my heart <3
sigh i thought most/all of lj fandom already recognized that westeros.org is populated by imbeciles? Can't tumblr just stay off the cesspit and we all stay happy? >.>